The Next Civil War: Dispatches from the American Future – Stephen Marche

Canada is Horatio to America’s Hamlet: a mostly useless witness. So says our Canadian author.

Marche doesn’t lead in gently. He tells us what we already know about America. About insurgents and militias and anti-government forces. It’s pretty bleak. It’s pretty correct, as far as I can see.

It makes me think maybe I should learn how to use a gun (but I won’t).

It also ends on a note of hope. America is a land of contradictions. We’ve been held together by opposing thoughts, and we can continue to hold if we start believing in ourselves as one nation again. If we reform our government so that it is better suited to the current day. That, in fact, the Founding Fathers expected government to be changed at least every 20 years and would be appalled at the god-like position we’ve put them and their little drafts.

We won’t just bumble into greatness. Like every promise of America, we’ll have to work hard for it.


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