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Come think with me.

Words are everywhere (I tend to bring them with me), and I want to share those words with you. Come see what I’ve been reading and writing lately.

Have a project that needs new ideas and creativity? Come see what Bookish & Inked can do or drop me a line and let’s work together.

Once Upon a River – Diane Setterfield

I love a good tale, and this was a good tale. Captivating from front to back; so much so that I read the acknowledgements and everything after just hoping to continue tasting this tale. We’re on a river that could be the Thames and the river wraps itself through the lives of our many characters…

Our Wives Under the Sea – Julia Armfield

A much anticipated new novel. So anticipated I didn’t register the creeping horror of it. Or maybe it wasn’t on the book jacket. It’s really a story of loss: loss of the relationships we want or need, the people we thought would be there forever, and all the things they left behind that make us…

Golden State – Ben H. Winters

It’s a detective story, but set in a California that prizes truth above all else and the detective can see the air bend when people lie. Nothing is private, even your pain, and secrets turn the whole world upside down. A big-brothery excursion into a future I definitely do not want any part of.

We Have Never Been Middle Class – Hadas Weiss

The trouble with ordering books from Verso, though I love Verso, is that sometimes you get a book that looks really great but turns out to be someone’s dissertation. Not that dissertations are inherently bad, but they’re inherently bad for non-academics. You know what I mean. Can you really have pages where more than half…

It’s not just books I read. Every day I send a collection of links to articles I’ve read through my Tiny Letter, the Internet Mix Tape. Come get some shorter recommendations!

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