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Come think with me.

Words are everywhere (I tend to bring them with me), and I want to share those words with you. Come see what I’ve been reading and writing lately.

Have a project that needs new ideas and creativity? Come see what Bookish & Inked can do or drop me a line and let’s work together.

Womb: The Inside Story of Where We All Began – Leah Hazard

By page 2 of the introduction Hazard had already included trans people in her discussion and this is the book I was hoping to read. Good lord. It’s not hard to include trans people! I’m still riled up about Hags. Anyway, this was an excellent book. It read like an investigative report but in a…

Everyone In This Room Will Someday Be Dead – Emily Austin

How do you resist a title like that. Have you ever had panic attacks? Have you ever sat and thought too deeply about how we’re just electrically stimulated meat sacks and each of us will die through one of the many, many ways a human meat sack can die? Our narrator can’t stop thinking like…

The Five Wounds – Kirstin Valdez Quade

A family story that is all too relatable. We’re in New Mexico where a teenager is pregnant, her dad (who had her when he was a teen) can’t seem to get his life moving, and the grandmother who holds everyone and everything together chooses to face her own problems alone. You’ll root for every character…

It’s not just books I read. Every day I send a collection of links to articles I’ve read through my Tiny Letter, the Internet Mix Tape. Come get some shorter recommendations!

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