We Have Never Been Middle Class – Hadas Weiss

The trouble with ordering books from Verso, though I love Verso, is that sometimes you get a book that looks really great but turns out to be someone’s dissertation. Not that dissertations are inherently bad, but they’re inherently bad for non-academics. You know what I mean. Can you really have pages where more than half of the page is a footnote that doesn’t contribute to the discussion but instead is a list of other papers? That’s academic writing, not non-fiction for the people.

Anyway, once I skipped the introduction I was able to find good ideas and interesting dissections of property and finance as tools of power and makers of poverty. I don’t know that I got a whole lot from the book, but I did have a few moments of, “Oh, I hadn’t thought of it like that,” which is all you can really ask for.


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