How To Break Up With Your Phone – Catherine Price

You know you need this book. We all need this book.

Price used herself and her friends as an experiment in breaking the phone addiction, and came up with some pretty good tips and tricks. She leads you through a 30 day Phast (phone fast) right after spending 8 chapters telling you what all that time on WMDs (web-enabled media devices) is doing to your brain.

It’s nothing good. It’s everything you suspect.

I used almost all of her tips (except getting the phone out of the bedroom – I listen to podcasts to sleep, which is probably not great either, but the point isn’t to torture yourself it’s to be more conscious of when and why you use your phone).

The best one is moving everything that’s a slot machine (even your email!) off the main screen of your phone. Right now mine only has the app for music, the lights in my house, maps, notes, and the two-factor login app I have to use for work every day. Already when I pick up my phone it’s boring enough to put back down.



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