The Nineties: A Book – Chuck Klosterman

I love Chuck. I remember reading him in the ’90s (maybe ’00s) and loving his style. So here we are, some 30 years later reading about that hallowed time.

A lot of weird shit happened in the ’90s. Like watching OJ’s slow Bronco escape and the massive ennui when both 2000 presidential candidates were boring and the same.

It’s interesting to hear Klosterman explain things you thought you knew about, but I was young in the ’90s and kinda distracted by life. Ah, the bliss of not necessarily knowing or caring about all the shit happening in the world. To be young and ignorant! Though I am glad for the perspective of age to help me understand my discomfort with a lot of the ’90s, mostly the focus on shaming women for doing just about anything.

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