The Jakarta Method – Vincent Bevins

Oh America. You make it hard to love you. We like to think of ourselves as leading by example. As fighting for the little man; for the rights of man. We don’t like to think of all the blood on our hands.

Bevins shows us the path from the US interference in Indonesia’s push for independence to the bloodbath of the ’70s and ’80s in Latin America. In the ’50s and ’60s, the CIA (with direct input from many different presidents) sought to “prevent communism” by supporting right-wing, fascist organizations and planning military coups. Most (f not all) of the democratically elected governments we toppled were not communist in any sense of the word, and most of those military coups were led by the kind of murderous villain that America loves to go to war with (see: Iraq/Saddam Hussein).

This is a wonderfully documented history of the CIA’s interference with other countries self-determination, the mass murder sponsored in the name of anticommunism, and the blindness of the American people to what our government is up to and the repercussions for billions of people across the world.

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