How about some old poetry?

Force, 2017

I want 

for nothing 

I am never without 


of something 

Usually something different 

something bolder 

more daring 

Something I think 

only other people can have  

I am left 

to wanting.

I get things. 

I make things happen

I decide 

and then I am 

different, bolder, more daring 

I change and morph 

I make plans 

I metamorphose 

like a furry caterpillar  

to sprawling moth.

But I don’t keep things 

As quickly as I’ve achieved 

I’ve lost 

the need to want 

whatever it was I fought 


The wings 

blooming on my new form are not exciting 

or daring 

What I need to be 

is a fish 

What I really want 

are gills

Published by Bookish & Inked

Burgeoning poet, mistress of evenings.

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